Pieces of my heart

heart puzzle

I’ve heard it said that being a mother is like having your heart beat outside your body for the rest of your life.  I agree with this statement as Master 4 took my hand today and kissed it.  Like a confident Frenchman he smiled as he did it and told me he loved me and that I was beautiful.

He looked straight into my soul, holding my eyes to his intently as he spoke.  He went on to tell me lots of wonderful things and ended with a simple ‘Thanks Mum’ before the spell was broken and he asked for a drink of milk.  But in those few moments it was like he held my heart pulsing in his hand.

I looked at his face, memorising every detail of his creamy skin with a dusting of tiny freckles across his nose and framed by huge brown eyes.  I watched his expression flicker as he struggled to pronounce words and link meaning to the experiences he was relaying to me.  I watched his pure joy when he got words correct.  I drank in his presence and wondered at how this stunning little person could have come from me.  I hugged him and ran my face in his deep auburn hair and tickled his ribs.

Squealing he ran off with the equally stunning Master 2 to have water play under the hose.

I watched two pieces of my heart disappear around the corner of the house.  I struggled not to be overwhelmed by my love for them as tears welled in my eyes.


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