How one awesome day became an exceptional one!


What made a normal awesome day exceptional?  Several things actually; all things that I can do right here in my remote backyard; things that celebrate family, community, gratitude and the joyfulness that comes with connecting with your surroundings.

My day started very early with my husband getting up at 4am to do volunteer work at the local squash club’s renovations – I admit I didn’t feel so connected to anything at that hour.  Soon after he quietly crept out of the house Master 5 and Master 2 thought it would be great to get up too.  I spent a bit of time trying and then gave up and got up too to get ready for the day’s events.

So by 7.30am we were ready to see Santa arrive in a helicopter on the town oval at 10am but still managed to be a smidge late.  What an amazing idea – the parents of town wrapped presents for their own children and dropped them off labelled at a central location so Santa could deliver them after a lolly drop from his chopper.  It was a community affair with parents, volunteers and a very hot Santa working overtime.  There were cold drinks, snags in bread and plenty of eager, sweaty children.  The fact that I had been late dropping off my kids’ presents meant that they were on top of the pile so my boys got their gifts pretty much straight away, which I thought a fortuitous sign to get the heck out of the heat.

IMG_6030  IMG_6035

Country Road shirt, Elk beads, sunglasses Nine West



We headed home to get ready for our fishing adventure – the real aim of our day.  Our boys have been asking to go fishing for ages and despite the best seascape on our doorstep we don’t get out as much as we should.  Today was the day – the boat was ready, the food was packed and we couldn’t wait to get out on the water.

Our harbour is always incredible – you never have to go far to catch fish or be inspired by the scenic coastline.  We anchored on some reef and caught fish, ate lunch and then toured around a bit.  There was nothing better than seeing Master 2 pretend to drive the boat, Master 5 help everyone else as mister responsible and Master 4 casually catch the first fish!  It breaks my heart how beautiful they are and how lucky I am, even with them clambering all over me vying for my attention while their father remains independent and hassle-free.  Despite this, I love turning my face into the wind and getting the salt spray on my face as we zip around the harbour, breathing deeply, I am thankful and I kiss the tops of their heads.  Three hours later we are home with three sleeping boys.


Columbia shirt, target singlet, sunglasses Nine West.  Hair . . . Mmmm . . .
Columbia shirt, target singlet, Nine West sunglasses. Hair . . . Mmmm . . .

IMG_6065 IMG_6068

Just four months ago I wouldn’t have wanted to make the effort let alone have enjoyed myself much; but strangely would’ve still forced myself out of my comfort zone.  But now nothing is forced; it’s easy!  Now each day is filled with a positive energy that I can’t help but share.  I feel incredible, have boundless energy and just feel at peace with who I am and where I’m going!

Tonight will be pre-Christmas drinks with friends at the Gove Boat Club – could life be any better?  Not right now.


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