Finding balance – is it possible?

Image credit: doglikehorse / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: doglikehorse / 123RF Stock Photo

It seems I cannot balance my precious free time for long.  If I want to blog then I cannot spend time with my husband.  If I want to spend time with Mr Magentafrog and our children then I cannot spend time with my friends.  If I want to socialise then my exercise routine suffers.  And so it goes.

There seems to be a constant compromise I have to make to fit everything I want to in my life.  It all cannot fit at the same time so therefore something drops off for a while when I make a choice.  Hence why I have been a bit quiet my Readers.

I have been exercising like a demon.  I have been away to visit a friend.  I have started training for the local Squash Competition.  I have started eating ‘clean’ (unprocessed and whole foods).  Master one is teething again.  I have family visiting.  Master four has started writing words.  Master two is talking really well.  Our business is busy and we are working long hours.  My house has been overtaken by clothes and toys and nothing is ever finished . . .

Logically I know I cannot do everything all the time but still I rail against the forced nature of the compromise.  I feel I have the energy and the drive to do it all but there simply isn’t enough time to fit it all into my day.

Mr Magentafrog and I have been passing each other in the hallway occasionally, getting in a quick kiss and hug to make sure that we know each other is still there.  We are both feeling a pull in all directions – wanting to be with the family but knowing we have to work to keep the business going and secure a future for our children.  We feel guilty about too much time spent in either work or home.  We have little time for each other.  We are thankful that neither of us is needy and that we know our relationship is solid.

We are ever optimistic that this busy and stressful time will pass and we will again have the joy of time together to just be rather than just surviving through each other’s wonderful reliability.


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