How one awesome day became an exceptional one!

What made a normal awesome day exceptional?  Several things actually; all things that I can do right here in my remote backyard; things that celebrate family, community, gratitude and the joyfulness that comes with connecting with your surroundings. My day started very early with my husband getting up at 4am to do volunteer work at the local squash club’s renovations – I admit I didn’t … Continue reading How one awesome day became an exceptional one!

Tropical inspiration!

I’m inspired by my local landscape.  A beautiful friend of mine uses the phrase ‘addicted to Gove’.  I’m addicted to my home too and I’m so inspired by our local coastal landscape . . . With my children asleep this afternoon and my husband safely captured by the television I headed off for some quite Christmas shopping.  Unfortunately, I’d left it too late and my only … Continue reading Tropical inspiration!