Controlling Mums need to let Dads have a go

Is there a point where Mums just need to butt out?  Master 3 has entered a realm of uncertainty as he tries to navigate his world of challenges, hormonal surges, learned independence and plain old naughtiness.  He wants control.  I want control.  I try to make his world easier and I try to set good examples for him. Because my boys spend the majority of their … Continue reading Controlling Mums need to let Dads have a go

10 Ways Dads can get more sex

The amount of sex men get is directly proportionate to the amount of housework they do.  So here are some tips for blokes to get more action: Do a quick whip-round tidy up of the house.  Nothing fancy, just pick up toys, wipe the benches and put dirty clothes in a basket. Clean the sink properly after shaving.  Don’t leave little bits of stubble everywhere.  … Continue reading 10 Ways Dads can get more sex

Hail Caesar!

I do not favour Caesarean births over natural births.  There is no doubt that an uncomplicated and straight forward natural birth is the ideal and has many benefits for mother and baby, including quicker recovery for mother, a sense of control and easier breastfeeding. However, as a mother who’s had three successful Caesareans, I can say they also have their advantages.  After my last Caesarean … Continue reading Hail Caesar!

Death to the slogan shirt!

I want slogan shirts obliterated from the fashion landscape. They have always made me uncomfortable in a way that I cannot understand.  I actually feel embarrassed for the wearer.  When I went to high school in the 90s Espirit and Sportsgirl slogan shirts had just been replaced by JAG and Hypercolour.  These were essentially large t-shirts with the brand name on the front, that’s it, nothing special.  … Continue reading Death to the slogan shirt!