Inspiration, Aspiration & Motivation!


What I need is a way to sneak back to blogging, to slide in under your radar like I never left and just continue where I left off; no questions asked. But it’s been too long.  You’ve gotten sick of waiting to hear from me.  I had nothing to say that I thought you’d find interesting so I said nothing.  You thought I didn’t care about you anymore so gave up on me and moved on to a more interesting, exciting and very regular blog . . .

The thing is dear readers is that I’ve lacked some inspiration these past many months. Each time I looked at my blog and saw the date stamp more time had passed with nothing but the sounds of crickets echoing in my head.

During this hiatus, it wasn’t that I did not want to write to you; in fact I have intended to write many times, but I had just lost that zingy feeling that writing gives me.  If I’m honest I think life had taken me over and I lost any zing for anything.  And when that happens crickets are better – trust me.

I’ve taken myself on a bit of a ‘journey’ to find some inspiration to help me achieve some long-held personal goals. One of these goals has been to finally, once and for all get on top of my health and weight and just get what I feel on the instead be reflected on the outside.  I feel young, I feel good, I feel passionate and I feel modern.

I’m so close to achieving this that I’m terrified I will sabotage myself; by simply going back to old habits and piling all the weight back on and giving up on myself.

But I’m refusing to give up. My squash game has improved out of sight, I’m running again, I feel incredible and I’m within 3 kg of my healthy goal weight.  I set myself a goal to be as fit as I could be before my 40th birthday and I’ve achieved this, 14-months ahead of my schedule.

What I’m afraid of is actually achieving what I want since my history shows I have started over many times. I just want to get there and stay comfortable with myself.  Nothing changes unless I do, right?

So I’ve changed.

I’ve learned how to inspire myself. To inspire someone helps them convince themselves to aspire to who they want to be. Inspiration makes you believe in yourself as ultimately it’s only you who makes any change in your life no matter what your experiences.

Maybe I can inspire others.




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