Hands of Time

Her hands were rough and weathered from years of hard work.  Her knuckles protruded too much either side of her long fingers and many blue veins bulged from the back of her hands, spreading down into the sinewy delta of crooked fingers and oval nails.  Her skin was now translucent with age, brown and blotchy and creased and cracked. Each crack was stained black with dirt … Continue reading Hands of Time

The Element of Surprise

I have found myself exhibiting a new emotion; surprise.  I love surprises but my usually repetitive domestic life doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity so I have not had them often; until now. I was surprised recently when I realised that I had reached 37.  How could that be?  I didn’t look any different and I certainly didn’t feel any different.  I was surprised again when … Continue reading The Element of Surprise

The Perfect Stranger

I make a habit of locking eyes with perfect strangers.  It’s something I’m compelled to do.  I want to know if there’s a soul trapped behind their gaze; trapped in a mundane existence of the choices they’ve made or the circumstances life’s dealt them.  Often there is simply an empty, non-committal stare in return; strangers make most people nervous.  Sometimes though, I see a sparkling … Continue reading The Perfect Stranger