What to wear to the pool with the kids?

Let’s get this done.  A blog about tropical fashion cannot be done sans swim suit post.  So here we are.  What to wear to the pool with kids and Mr MM on the weekend?  I swim at the local pool only because where I live crocodiles and box jelly fish make safe swimming at the beach impossible (beautiful though it is).  So I want to look good but I need a bit of practicality as well (ho hum, I know!). It’s hard to hit the mark of casual-I-made-an-effort without being OTT glamour-mama (which would be out of place in my town and make your attempts at kid-wrangling just plain funny to anyone within sight!).

To go swimming with the children requires some sense of decorum.  There’s no sense at all going in your latest sexy bikini if you still have little ones that cling to you and pull at your bathers and generally annoy the crappers out of you.  No one wants to have that kind of awkward mum-moment at the local pool where suddenly a saggy, three-children-later breastfed breast flops out right when you’re saying a friendly hello to the new dad from day care.

There’s no sense going swimming without the sun in the forefront of your mind.  Even with sun sails over the pool and sunscreen on your skin, the tropical sun will burn you to a crisp.  Especially now that I’ve lopped my locks I need to take care of my head.  Lobster anyone?

So how the heck can you pull off the practical, cool, collected AND practical mum?

Here’s my effort.

For all round comfort, suck me in fit and reliability you cannot beat Seafolly.  These Seafolly Goddess Boyleg Maillot $149.95 retro-style one piece swimmers are flattering to all body shapes, have tummy ruching so you don’t have to suck in a thrice-Caesarean gut and have a boy-leg cut so you never have to worry about sharing the fact that you like rocking a 70s vibe with your lady-whiskers. I’m wearing a size 14 in the maillot but due to recent weight loss I desperately need to go down a couple of sizes as they are generous.  These swimmers cannot be beaten and are definitely worth the investment!  You also cannot go past black for modesty and season to season classic – Never.  Gets.  Tired.

I threw over a Rip Curl Pineapples Maxi Dress $79.95 with the high low hem line in rouge red (I loved it so much I also have it in taupe). This dress is cool and comfortable, very generous (I’m wearing a size 10) and has a racer back.  I managed to find my dresses at an outlet store $50 for the two.

I finished the look with a pineapples tote from Target $20 and sandals from K-Mart $15.  Sunglasses from Nine West.  Hat from Cancer Council.  Pop-of-colour lip gloss from Bloom Cosmetics.

So what are your ‘go to items’ for the pool?  Or are you still hiding in board shorts?  Get out there.  Life’s short!

PS My weird expressions are due to having to instruct Mr MM in photography – forgive me and give me strength!






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