Better to be lucky than good!

“What’s lucky mean?” I tried to answer Master 3’s serious question seriously as he made shapes with his spaghetti on the table instead of eating it. I tried to explain that he was lucky to have food to eat, lucky to have parents that love and care for him and generally tried to make him feel grateful for his good fortune. Luck is a strange … Continue reading Better to be lucky than good!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow!

My beautiful Mum arrives tomorrow.  The boys are very excited because there will be a trip to the airport where they can watch planes land.  I am excited that I will get some blessed respite from the daily grind and have an adult to talk with.  Have I mentioned my husband is AWOL at the moment? Mum, on the other hand, will be greeted with the … Continue reading Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow!

Penises, Pirates and Space

I am in the middle of a three-week stretch without my husband.  He managed to organise away work and leisure trips back to back so my life has been even more entwined with my children than I thought possible. This time has given me mountainous extra domestic responsibility.  However, today I will not harp on that or the abandonment mothers feel when husbands’ lives outside of … Continue reading Penises, Pirates and Space