About me

Hello. I’m Hayley.

I started this blog a couple of years ago as an outlet since I felt a wee bit suffocated by motherhood.  It’s not that I’ve run out of stories about any of the joys of being a parent – it’s just that eventually you lose interest in it as it becomes your new normal and so you think you should just STFU and get on with life.

I am now the mother of three beautiful boys and have reached the stage where I can indulge in my own interests again.

So for 2015 my blog takes a new direction – one of positivity, passion and style in the tropics!  I have always loved fashion but found it a challenge living in hot, northern Australia to be fashionable when the weather dictates just about everything, but I’m going to give it a go!




Go on . . . you know you want to say something . . .

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