Can I really be a mother of three, business owner and blogger?


It’s 10.21pm and I’ve just gotten home from a business dinner sans Mr Magentafrog.  It’s a late night for me and my husband is away working in Yolngu communities again.  I peeled my contact lenses from my eyes and unzipped my wedges and began to get comfy.  For me this means getting my gear off and wandering around the house looking for something good to eat to miraculously appear.

As I walked down the hallway I wondered why there was a bottle of tomato sauce laying on the floor in the toilet.  I guessed it for the same reason why I have since found a shoe under the grill and a wooden block in the dishwasher . . . my beautiful Master 1 has been in full explorative flight.  Nothing is where it should be and things I have been trying to find for weeks turn up in the shoe box, or the toy box or in a drawer or cupboard . . .


Today has been intriguing.  I had a fun day with my boys playing (aka running a root).  My house has been a blur of food, clothes, fights, snot, poo, wee, cubby houses, climbing, wrestling, dobbing, pushing, crying, squealing, books, drawing, DVDs, running, jumping (from table or chest freezer), pulling things out of cupboards and scattering them all over the floor.  Then there have been their constant demands and my constant requests for them to use their manners and to treat each other (and their Mama) well.  Pfffft!


We played, they ate, they danced and I videoed them.  I had them dancing to “Just a song about ping-pong”.  It was hilarious!  I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.  And I might say that they get their belief in their ability to break-dance from their father!  I would share it here but video editing is something I have yet to learn.

It was a fun day but most of my thoughts focused on the planning required for me to get out the door on time to represent our business at the local Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Dinner as part of October Business Month.

I got my outfit together the moment I had the boys settled with their breakfast.  Then I planned their dinner and got it cooking.   I knew exactly how long each section of the daily routine would take before our babysitter arrived at 6:00pm.  You might say that sounds like a long day, but any parent knows just how time evaporates with children.  So once my plans were in place the rest of the day could be filled in with fun, water play, drawing on walls when I wasn’t looking or whatever . . .

Then as a quirk of fate, the guest presenter at the dinner I went to, Steve Davis from Baker Marketing was talking all about blogging as the way of the future for business and particularly how short, funny or interesting video can enhance a blog!

I’ve always hesitated in promoting my blog or even mentioning it.  The main reason I have kept it small is that I fear not having enough to manage it properly.  And to be honest I am still a bit self-conscious about it.  I write honestly and I write for me, but still I worry . . .  Who will read me?  What will they think?  What about those who know me?

I talk about the relentlessness of parenting often.  But the relentlessness of managing a growing blog would be quite another thing altogether.

Steve introduced himself to my table and I blurted out that I was a blogger.  WTF!  He looked as surprised to find a blogger in my remote town as I was to hear myself say that.  He gave me his card and offered advice.

So who knows how this little blog may evolve!

I’ve got to go; Master-almost-3 has just gotten caught up in his doona, rolled over and fallen out of bed on his head!  Love this parenting shit.


7 thoughts on “Can I really be a mother of three, business owner and blogger?

  1. Hayley, thanks for sharing your thoughts about last night but also the full day that led to it. When I speak or hold an appointment with clients, I do try often to think about what they are doing to plan to make our time and place. And it is reassuring to know that someone who presented as professionally as you did last night, still has the wonderfully grounding experience of being pulled from pillar to post, losing and finding things, and just holding things together from day to day, thanks to our ‘bundles of joy’.
    I do hope you keep blogging because you have an excellent writing style; you share of yourself but you don’t meander meaninglessly.
    Thank you.


    1. Steve thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to read me. I find that when I get to write regularly (I tried for every day but this was unrealistic) I find topics everywhere – I’m constantly thinking about turning my experiences and adventures with the kids into a story. I try to write honestly about parenthood because so much is glamourised and idealised that I feel for new parents, since it seems just one of those things that everyone who chooses this road must navigate themselves, and nothing about it is like the books or any advice you might receive. In blogging I hope to make it real and at times funny by sharing my views. I’m looking fwd to getting into videos and making those part of my blog also. I would be interested to hear more about how to publicise my blog (through other platforms like twitter, FB etc) if you had the time, or could point me in the right direction. Thanks again, nice to meet you and hope to see you next time you visit. Hayley.


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