I’ve been to Bali too! What to pack for a Bali holiday

I’m jealous.  I’m currently in cold and wintry Sydney and two friends have recently jetted off to the tropical paradise of Bali for a much deserved holiday.  The last time I went to Bali I was 16-weeks pregnant with our third son, but if I was going again tomorrow my ‘must pack’ items would be much the same (minus the voluminous maternity dresses).  I’ve never really mastered the art of packing light, but going to Bali meant that it wasn’t that different climate-wise to home so I knew I really didn’t need much.

Light or floaty garments in natural breathable fabrics work best in the tropical humidity.  I would suggest working on two outfits a day which would include one throw-over type dress or knee-length shorts and dressy blouse combo and kaftan for evening if you’re heading for a big night out.  Tropical casual is very accepted even in the more upscale restaurants.


Then there’s your swimwear.  Whether you’re a bikini babe or a one-piece mama you will need at least two sets of swimmers; one dry and one on the go!  Don’t forget that swimwear must include your broad-brimmed hat and your 50+ sunscreen, and an insect repellent never goes astray.

While resorts and hotels are relaxed in their attitudes I always like to dress respectfully when out and about; ‘when in Rome’ and all that.

So to be precise for 1 week:

  • 2 peasant/blouse tops
  • 2 pairs knee-length shorts
  • 2 casual dresses
  • 1 dressy top 1 cocktail/dressy dress
  • 2 pairs swimmers
  • 1 rashie or sun-shirt
  • 1 hat
  • 1 pair thongs (or flip-flops to my US friends)
  • 1 pair sparkly sandals
  • 1 pair sneakers (walking paths are uneven or non-existent)
  • Usual underwear, toiletries and cosmetics

Don’t forget that plenty of casual cotton garments can be purchased anywhere in Bali and most hotels offer a laundry service.

My absolute cannot leave home without items are:

  • Thursday Plantation 100% Tea Tree Oil (good for blemishes, bites and scratches)
  • Pawpaw ointment (excellent lip balm and fixes sweat chafe)
  • Cancer Council sunscreen (any version)
  • Bloom Cuticle Quencher
  • Seafolly Goddess Boyleg Maillot $149.95 retro-style one piece swimmers

So how do you get your Bali-on?  Got any Bali tips for newbies?


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