10 Ways Dads can get more sex

Source: Google images

The amount of sex men get is directly proportionate to the amount of housework they do.  So here are some tips for blokes to get more action:

  1. Do a quick whip-round tidy up of the house.  Nothing fancy, just pick up toys, wipe the benches and put dirty clothes in a basket.
  2. Clean the sink properly after shaving.  Don’t leave little bits of stubble everywhere.  Ditto for pubic hair on the soap.
  3. Cook something.  It doesn’t matter if it’s tinned spaghetti with cheese on toast; if the love of your life doesn’t have to prepare a meal for just one night a week this is a pure turn-on.
  4. Give a massage willingly that isn’t predicated on you trying to get lucky.  Just do it because she needs it; and hey presto you will probably get lucky!
  5. Don’t be on the mobile for the first hour of you being home.  Because this is not being home in the domestic moment it’s you still working or just chatting with your friends.  Ditto for you on the computer.
  6. Do put away clothes folded by the love of your life; scattering them on the floor while looking for something to wear is disrespectful.
  7. If you are going on a fishing (or other hobby or sport) trip be sure to make it up to the love of your life by arranging something similar with her friends for her.  This will mean you have your children for the weekend.  This is called parenting not babysitting.
  8. Don’t get boring; arrange a surprise for the love of your life.  Anything will do; finish work early and you take the kids to the park giving her some time out, book her a hair appointment or go on a dinner date.
  9. Remember her birthday; she may not need a present but she will need acknowledgement.  Ditto for your anniversary.
  10. Put clean sheets on the bed.

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