Death to the slogan shirt!

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I want slogan shirts obliterated from the fashion landscape.

They have always made me uncomfortable in a way that I cannot understand.  I actually feel embarrassed for the wearer.  When I went to high school in the 90s Espirit and Sportsgirl slogan shirts had just been replaced by JAG and Hypercolour.  These were essentially large t-shirts with the brand name on the front, that’s it, nothing special.  What was special was a shirt that announced to the world in the most graphic fashion that you were sweating.  I wanted one.  I got one.   I wore it proudly blending in with everyone else.  But these were just shirts advertising brand names, plus I was a teenager and knew no better.

But what do you think about shirts with cringe-worthy sayings?  What about such gems for women as:

 “I’ve lost my number, can I have yours?”

“Toughen up Princess”

And the startling:

“I only have sex on days ending with day . . .” you know the rest.

However, the phenomenon is not gender specific.  I can remember going to barbecues as a child during the days of the iron on transfer t-shirts (from Mr T-shirt shops), you know the ones which were all glittery and hot to wear.  I remember seeing men at these gatherings wearing shirts that said “sex is like snow, you never know how many inches you will get or how long it will last”.  I could read the words but didn’t understand it.  I just knew it was something for adults, which made me all the more curious as to why whatever they were saying had to be broadcast on a t-shirt.

I would like to think that the time of the slogan shirt passes when reaching a ‘certain age’, yet it is a fashion crime that persists through the generations.  Like swishy MC Hammer pants, fluoro anything and denim mini-skirts they refuse to die!

What fashion crimes do you want gone?  Or, is there something comforting in the fact that someone will always wear something more embarrassing than you?


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