The Frugaleo Diet

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Our diet is pretty basic right now; it could be called slightly Paleo but not because we’re trying to be.  I call it Frugaleo because what we are trying to do is stretch our money further as well as being healthy.

As small business owners we wait anxiously each month for bills to be paid.  At the moment we are on that threshold.  Therefore, I regularly face the quandary of being creative with meat or tuna and vegetables.

The problem is not really for what Mr MF and I will eat; you see we are not fussy.  The trick is what to make that we can all eat and enjoy that doesn’t require impossible-to-find-pretentious ingredients or mean I have to cook a separate meal for the kids; I’ve been there and done that.

What seems to be working is chopping all the vegetables finely in my Thermomix.  That way, all I have to do is stir in the meat and make a sauce and I can easily have several budget meals.  Just yesterday I made tuna and pasta bake, tuna quiche, spaghetti bolognaise and rissoles.  All the meals were made using just one large tin of tuna in spring water and two kilograms of mince and took about 30 minutes for each to prepare.  Each meal can be frozen so that time is saved through the week.  There are few things more stressful than trying to find food for the family when everyone is tired and cranky.

The re-heated meal can be served with a side salad of mixed greens or feta cheese or even steamed vegetables.  It’s a clever way of disguising vegetables and makes sure we all get enough of them as well as making the meat go further.  At the risk of sounding my age, this is a frugal way of getting the family through to the next luxurious shop up when the pantry and fridge can be re-stocked a-plenty.

I’m not saying I am any better at this than the next Mum and certainly am not a model homemaker; but I thought I would share my ideas in the hope it may help another family who goes through the struggle of having to stretch the cash out over the month.  I should say I am not always this organised.  Some nights cheese on toast or scrambled eggs are quickly whipped up and served without ceremony!

How do you make the cash stretch in the pantry?  Got any mince or tuna recipes?  Not recipes using both in the same meal please!



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