Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow!

Source: magentafrog publications

My beautiful Mum arrives tomorrow.  The boys are very excited because there will be a trip to the airport where they can watch planes land.  I am excited that I will get some blessed respite from the daily grind and have an adult to talk with.  Have I mentioned my husband is AWOL at the moment?

Mum, on the other hand, will be greeted with the housework I’ve been shamelessly saving for her.  As well as grizzling, bickering children whose endless requests to give them food, to play with them or to read to them will test anyone’s patience.  But I know she will do it all with love!

I have known about the planned visit for some time but have been too busy with my head-down and bum-up to really look forward to it.  I realise just how isolated our little town is from the extended family support that I can get when I go back home.

I truly appreciate the offers from family and friends nearby by to help out where they can but there is nothing quite like being able to use and abuse your own close family at will – they simply let you because the want to help so much and this reduces the guilt factor!

So we have come to rely on fairly frequent visits throughout the year where the boys can enjoy their grandparents and other family from both sides.  This is a wonderful thing that will create cherished memories for the boys and gives me the time I need to grab some air in order to keep going after they’ve gone.

Mum, we can’t wait to see you!


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