Better to be lucky than good!

Source: Google images
“What’s lucky mean?” I tried to answer Master 3’s serious question seriously as he made shapes with his spaghetti on the table instead of eating it.

I tried to explain that he was lucky to have food to eat, lucky to have parents that love and care for him and generally tried to make him feel grateful for his good fortune.

Luck is a strange concept.  Some people think of it as a fatalistic idea, in that Luck is a supernatural phenomenon that can cause events to occur or not much in the same way as natural forces.

Other people use the word luck as an adjective to describe things that have occurred that seem improbable.

Luck is fortune whether good or bad that occurs out of our control without regard to what we want to happen.

Clearly Master 3 knew this as he didn’t care a hoot about his good luck as it was out of his control anyway.  He knew all he could do was accept his current situation that allowed him the luxury of playing with his food and playing with his Mama’s mind.  He was living the old adage of ‘better to be lucky than good’.

But what makes a person successful is their ability to capitalize on their ‘good’ luck and be resilient in the face of ‘bad’ luck?

“Look Mama”, Master 3 cried proudly, successfully pointing to his spaghetti creation on the table.

“That’s a nice circle you’ve made, now can you eat your spaghetti please?”

“No it’s not a circle; it’s an oval!”, as he continued to push his luck.

“Well it’s a nice oval, then.  Please eat your food.”

“But I will give it to Master 2, that’s sharing.”

“If you don’t want to eat, please just put it aside and wait for everyone else to finish.”

“But I’m being good”, yes he was also resilient in the face of adversity.

If spaghetti shapes are an indicator of good fortune then I am the mother of an intelligent person who is capable of every success.  Lucky me!


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