What to wear to a pool party and the dilemma of an ET body shape

Source:  Google images
Source: Google images

I have clothes for all occasions in a range of sizes (given the up and down nature of my weight since having children) and I always have nothing to wear.  Today’s wardrobe challenge is particularly harsh; I need something to wear to a 5 year old’s birthday party, but not just any birthday party – this one is every in-between-sizes-wibbly-wobbly-mum’s nightmare – the pool party.  You can image my enthusiasm.

I have already grabbed out my go-to sundresses.  I could not believe that they gaped at the back and the boobs.  There was simply too much material and I looked like a stick in a sack.  Shorts sagged in the bum and flopped at my hips.  Shirts hung off my shoulders and were far too wide.  But the outer-wear was the least of my worries as I could not find a bra that fitted reasonably and then there’s the question of swimwear.  If my children were going to swim then so did I since they are not old enough to do it by themselves yet.  In the interests of decorum and practicality it had to be a one-piece but they made my already flat chest disappear and they were too loose to even hold my belly in.

In a way it’s good to know I am losing weight but I seem to have surpassed the clothing I had stored away hoping to fit into again one day.  It’s annoying though because I have not bought anything new and my shape does not allow for any of the so-called ‘tips to get you through in-between sizes’ like using a belt to ‘cinch’ me in and define my waist.  All this does is add centimetres to my waistline in bunched up fabric and make me look like a rolled roast with bulges everywhere.

I stood staring at my naked self in the mirror this morning.  The best way I could describe my shape right now is that of ET.  I have a skinny neck, arms and legs with the bulk of my bulk hanging low on my tummy and hips.  I look like a blob of something that has started to melt slowly in the sun.  I can only hope that my weight loss ‘journey’ ends in some kind of proportion.

In the meantime it’s started raining.  Maybe at least I will escape having to swim.


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