The Monsoon is here!


The monsoon is here!  I love this time of year and always look forward to it.  There’s something about the weeks of non-stop rain and the dark brooding skies that make me feel uplifted after months of oppressive heat and disappointment when a storm rolls past each afternoon, failing to drop its heavy load.

The wait is excessively long; a drawn out process of hopefulness where the clouds take all day to ‘build up’, taunting with the possibility, only to drift past to deliver their rain elsewhere. The Build Up is like living in a furnace where you quickly scurry from one air-conditioner to the next; home to car, car to work building, car to shops.  Opening your car after it’s been parked for a day the heat will hit you like a physical blow to the face – it’s real!

The Build Up continues for months until you’re almost mad with anticipation, you’re snappy and the slightest thing bothers you to your core.  You know you need to lighten up but the heat has sapped all your energy and you can’t be stuffed what anyone thinks about your errant behaviour.

When the rain first starts, it’s a few heavy drops, splattering dust from windows and leaves and kind of stops and starts randomly, until finally, the rain pours down in white sheets of knock-em-down rain.  At this time, most people begin to breathe again.

But, this rain is First Rain.  It’s not the Monsoon.  The First Rains continue sporadically for weeks and all the while it’s hot, very hot.

When the monsoon does finally arrive it brings with it a cooling sense of renewal – plants perk up, green tree frogs croak happily and people previously hot, bothered and grumpy seem to calm down.

Tropical life can be harsh and the weather is always extreme; but the monsoon makes me feel calm.  The sky is dark and brooding day and night, thunder rolls and lightning flashes.  There is always a cool breeze and the rain falls and falls and falls . . .





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