Got your head in the sand about Grounding?


Chances are you have heard someone talking about ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ at one point or another lately. But what does grounding actually mean? Is it hippy-ville quackery or is there more to it?

No matter what you think it is, it’s something that is certainly gaining momentum in the health and wellness scene reportedly offering many health benefits including reduced inflammation and pain, better circulation, improved blood pressure, reduced stress and improved sleep quality.

Grounding is said to be the process of reconnecting to the Earth’s subtle, natural, electrical energy. This is easily done whenever you walk barefoot in the grass, sand or dirt.  When touching the Earth, its energy flows directly into your body bringing you back to your most natural electrical state.

This is the electrical state that we experienced naturally throughout our history until we started wearing shoes.  With most people wearing shoes fulltime and then walking on created substances indoors we have become disconnected with the ground beneath our feet.

Grounding is all about reconnecting, but is it based on any scientific information? Yes; grounding is based on physics, physiology, and biology.  Our bodies are electric. Energy fills us and surrounds us. The Earth’s subtle energy is different to our created electricity that flows into our homes. Created energy produces electro-magnetic fields that are unnatural to our bodies. The Earth, on the other hand, pulses with a gentle flowing energy that harmonizes all of the life on Earth.  Grounding brings you back into synch with this energy and back into electrical balance.

So how do you do it?

  1. Get outside and stand barefoot or sit on the grass and just empty your mind and relax
  2. You can stand or sit under a large tree and relax and absorb your surroundings
  3. Go for a short walk in nature

How long do you do it for? The easy answer is, ‘as long as it takes’.  It all depends on the individual person but usually around 30 minutes should see significant improvements in the body’s electrical activity.  Generally speaking the more you regularly you do it the better you will feel overall.

So does it work?  I gave it a try over a number of consecutive days and definitely felt more relaxed and my breathing was slower and deeper.  It cost me nothing and didn’t hurt anyone and left me with a calm meditative feeling of being refreshed.

It may have had more to do with the calming effect of the gentle breeze on my face and the beautiful coastal scenery than feeling that I was connected to Mother Earth, but what the heck, I felt great!


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