Freshwater Girl

Damp, deep breath
Fade green leaves silver
Fragments gone rapidly
Slit moon luminous
She sits

Greying sky streaked peach
Swoop, song replaced
Dingoes furtive pad
Moth explores tattered bark
She watches

Final glint, jade-black water
Last effort blush pink
Moon ascends
Soft breeze wafts Earth
She absorbs

Welcome invasion
Far off thunder
Pale skin, brown sand
Show face, dust caked bones
She knows

Eyes dry, water relief
Sentinel pandanus stands
Dragonfly late
Tight bruised horizon brings anticipation
She writes

Rustled leaves return vertical
Water drags light
River longing
Muse cool pools, black bliss
She chooses

Twig snaps behind
Shadows gone
Darkness rushes
Flying fox zigzags, no collective
She sighs

Scurry startles
Find darkness
Shadows replaced
Reeling blinded
She feels

Thick air
Moist skin
Guessing pen’s mark
Stray blossom links hair
She stays

Words float
Edge of comprehension
Darkness, comfort
Slow realisation, missing
She goes.

©2013 magentafrog publications


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