The Seeker

Image credit: dink101 / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: dink101 / 123RF Stock Photo

Replay the moves of the past
Twist; contort to see the last –
Angle to the light
To reveal
Nothing but what you want to believe.

Trickle, drop the shards
Into place
The kaleidoscope, coloured lace
Twist angle
To reveal . . . no change.

Shake, shatter the fragments again
Suspend on breath
The begging for a sign
Aching ears strain to hear  . . . Nothing.

Turn the pieces over
For clarity stop pulse
Gentle clink and click
But naught answers to reveal
Familiar static.

Wait patient to touch
Extend hand to feel
Vessel anxious without motion
Bask in light desired to reveal
Cold reality.

Lips puckered go forth
Softness sweet dew
Winced repulses smash again the tiny gems
Quivering breeze rush in to fill the void
Stirs the quest.

Draw in the delicious scent
Swoon, fold – evaporated defence
Now thwarted lie
Crumpled dust

Hazy slumber lay
Wafting on morning draught
Hand held shards slice
Congealing blood
And dust indicates no more.

Blood licked wound
Once and innocent mouth
Lick again, to be certain
That it is in fact Self
Taste it not of silence?

Shattered remains scoop
Dripping hands
Hold above and pour –
Into depths of existence
The bitter nothingness swallow.

Lay vessel agony
Watching from above in hover
Effort expended
Given all but still no truth

Float down again
And enter the place of comfort
The remains of quest decorate
And merge
Nothing matters still.

Try again to see the truth
To find despair
And truth is what
Knew all along.

©2013 magentafrog publications


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