Nutrient recycling and how maggots may save the future of humanity

If a chicken was meant to eat fish, it would be called a seagull

~ Jason Drew

Image credit: antartis / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: antartis / 123RF Stock Photo

Dear Readers, did you know that our little planet currently has seven billion people to sustain and we’re expanding!  By 2050 there will be nine and half billion people all wanting to eat.  And we don’t just want to eat anything, our growing wealth means that we want to eat more meat, chicken and pork – all things that require lots of energy and water to produce.  So we have to feed more people and more animals.  Compounding the issue is that our cities are growing to accommodate us and taking over valuable farming land.  So, is it just simply that we have to produce more food with less land?

Well not really.  We Westerners actually waste far more than we consume, so could we use today’s food supplies more efficiently?

Waste food recycling might be a solution.  If you consider that it takes just as much water and energy to produce the bits we don’t use as much as it does to produce the prime cuts of meat and there’s just as much nutriment in the bits we do not use.  It seems logical to make use of these waste products.

Fly farming whereby waste food is fed to maggots might be the answer.  They produce pure protein, people might not like to eat it but animals would.  At the moment farmed chicken and fish are fed ground up fish – something that humans could eat.

Image credit: trebuchet / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: trebuchet / 123RF Stock Photo

Solving food wastage problems could be the solution to solving the future looming food crisis.  In the meantime, try growing your own food.  In a total space of 5.5 square metres we grow beans, basil, parsley, coriander, tomatoes, aubergine, bok choy, lettuce, capsicum, rocket, shallots, warrigal greens, zucchini, mizuna, kale, rockmelon, passionfruit, lemon grass, asparagus, sweet potato and pumpkin.

Source:  magentafrog publications
Source: magentafrog publications

I appreciate that not everyone has this amount of space, but every small apartments can grow potted herbs.  This selection of food substitutes our groceries for about six months of the year before the sun gets too hot.  You may be aware that I live in tropical Australia, so the climate is not that easily to work with but by trial and error and a lot of love and care for our soil and a commitment to composting we manage.  Nothing is as good as walking a few steps out my back door to collect food from the garden.  We are also believers in only catching enough fresh fish to feed the family, which we are easily able to do in our part of the world.

Source:  magentafrog publications
Source: magentafrog publications

It’s about time we seriously started being responsible for ourselves and the way we use our planet’s finite resources.  So if you can, try composting your food waste, use water carefully and get used to maggots, they may yet save us from ourselves.


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