State of Origin hijacked my date night and why women should just be quiet

Source:  Someecards
Source: Someecards

Last night was date night.  Options for night time adult activities out are limited in our little town.  However, Mr Magentafrog booked dinner for two at one of our local restaurants and we committed to a night together talking about anything other than work and just enjoying out time together.  But it was not just any night; it’s the first night of the State of Origin series.  So, as a compromise of sorts, I agreed to Mr Magentafrog’s suggestion to call in to a large screen projection of the game at our local Squash Club.  Because Mr Magentafrog was driving I was responsible for finishing our bottle of a very lovely sauv-blanc.  This meant that by the time we made the Squash Club I was very cheeky and full of comment about the game and rugby league in general and slightly slighted that my night had been a little bit hijacked.

I managed to categorically shit-can everything from the tokenism shown by the League to ‘women in Rugby League’ (a lone female commentator), to the Tom Waterhouse Sportsbet scandal and the ineptitude of players.  The merrier I was the more cutting I became and to be honest I was funny, but the vibe I got from Mr Magentafrog faintly suggested otherwise.  It reminded me of an article by Corinne Grant about Why Women are to Blame – I was always the outspoken girl in the group, the challenging one that posed arguments and took the piss out of men very unattractively.  This talent is only improved with alcohol consumption; this reminded me why I don’t like to drink.  It’s any wonder I’m loved at all.  I really should have worked harder at being demure and silent.

I tried to keep my mouth shut.  I really did.  But years of being (mostly) a tee-totaller had taken its toll.  And one bottle of wine later I was ready to take on the world.  Luckily we didn’t stay long since our babysitter’s time was up and my captive audience was spared from a lecture in feminism.

When I was safely ensconced at home away from the general populace I changed into my pyjamas.  I was ready to curl up in bed at 9:30 pm – it had been a big night.


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