Courage and a life laid bare

Source:  Google images
Source: Google images

I have been talking a lot lately about my breasts here, here and here – I have talked about the difficulties I have had breastfeeding my children and the emotional changes I’ve felt towards them as they changed after weaning.

My feelings pale in comparison to the courage shown by Lisa Poulos on last night’s edition of ABC TV’s Australian Story.  This is woman who, through an accident and then perseverance managed to get a diagnosis of breast cancer after being fobbed off by doctors many times.  She then had to undergo a radical double mastectomy in order to live to see her boys grow up.

What is so courageous about Lisa is that she decided to document her journey with a series of photos taken professionally at each stage – before the operation and after as well as during chemotherapy and after breast reconstruction.  She did this for no other reason than to help other women visualise a way through such a life changing event.

After watching the program I immediately realised how lucky I am and I have decided to love my flippity-floppy pancake-like breasts.  They are healthy and they are part of me.

You can find out more about Lisa Poulos at


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