Dear Fitness Fashion Industry

Image credit: mik122 / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: mik122 / 123RF Stock Photo

Dear Fitness Fashion Industry – you suck!  Despite what you might think, big girls want to be fashionable too and by not catering to our size you are stupidly missing out on our dollars.  Every woman on a weight-loss ‘journey’ has to start somewhere; and let me tell you, it’s much easier to start if we are wearing nice workout gear designed properly for our size rather than having to wear our husband’s oversized tee and roll top pregnancy pants to the gym, how uninspiring.

That is until we reach a ‘certain size’ and manage to squeeze ourselves into the largest brand name fitness item and feel like we’re making it (even if the Large is barely big enough for a child).

Maybe this is what you want from us.  After all overweight people have to have something to aim for and why not aim for those nice clothes that are currently just out of reach?  No self-respecting brand wants fatties parading around in their gear, right?

Just after my third son was born I was ready to get back into fitness and get back into shape, heck I even completed my first triathlon, but I wanted some nice workout gear so I headed for a sports store.  I was lucky enough to find a nice pair of pants in my size and, encouraged, asked about a top to match it.  The pint-sized, very young sales woman wafted several shirts in front of me that she assured me were ‘big on’.  I said thanks but I probably wasn’t ready for those styles yet (read I knew I was too fat for them).  Straight-faced she said “Mmmmm, maybe in a year or so”.  Thankfully my  self-esteem is such that I can say a silent ‘go fuck yourself’ and move on, but hey, a different person could’ve been mortified and quit right then and there and gone back to crying into their tub of ice-cream on the couch and never got the chance to buy your brand.

Don’t you know that the average Australian woman is sized 16, and that many of us would like to be slimmer?  It would be nice to have a choice about what we wear to work our way to health and fitness.

Rant over.


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