What Is Living Authentically?

Source:  rtf123 images
Source: rtf123 images

What does living authentically mean? According to author, Susan Piver:

Living authentically is what you’re doing when you find congruence between your inner world: your feelings, values, gifts, needs, spirituality, and passions, and your outer world: your job, relationships, home, and community. When you live an authentic life, these things support and synergize each other

I’ve often heard the comment that a happy person has someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.  Without this our lives can grow empty and meaningless.  If each day is like the last all we are doing is working until we reach the age where we can stop.  This just lets life pass us by until it’s too late to change to reach our hopes and dreams of a more fulfilling life – if indeed that is your goal.

I have plenty of people to love and I feel their love in return.  I definitely have plenty to do, just read anything in my archive on this blog!

I used to dream about working from home and growing my own vegetables – this I have managed to achieve and it does give me a sense of purpose and enjoyment.  It also provides a way to share with my children and teach them where food comes from and connects me to the environment.

What interests me most about authenticity is how difficult it is to find in a sea of sameness that people fall for.  Many people submit to the culture of fame and celebrity and want to be like someone else.  For example, think about how refreshing it is when you meet someone who doesn’t give a hoot about all that.  Someone who accepts themselves completely and simply projects an aura to the world that says ‘this is me and if you don’t like it, then you know what you can do’.   These people are free from status anxiety and are confident and attractive because their knowledge of themselves gives them the freedom to not subscribe to the bullshit.  They are usually happy and content with themselves and their lives.

I think that living an authentic life means you are in control and you are determining your own direction and have a strong self-belief.  By this, your work could be a natural outlet for your creativity, your interests and your particular abilities.

Why is any of this important?  You can live for a long time and there are more opportunities to do whatever you want to re-invent yourself and your work.  This is exciting – more than ever you can choose to tap into your passions and change your life.  Life doesn’t have to be all about money and possessions.  You are free to choose a life that honours who you are and respects the world in which you live.  You are free to be different and to celebrate that difference.

Deciding to make changes in your life is confronting and lonely.  You may discover things about you that you that you’d rather not admit and change can be scary.  But if it’s an authentic life you want, one that abandons the quick fix superficial consumerist lifestyle contemporary western society subscribes to then transformation is necessary.

It’s up to you.


7 thoughts on “What Is Living Authentically?

  1. Why thank you…. I’ve heard many people who talk a great deal about “authenticity” but don’t seem to even know what it means. The definition you provide is comprehensive and actually relates to real observable things as well as intangible stuff we all need.


    1. Hello, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Authenticity is a tough topic, it was hard to write about but I think it’s probably what people mean when they are ‘searching for something’…


    1. Gee, I think it’s just finding a balance . . . I liked the quote about it so much that I included it in my post, I think it sums up the topic well…what do you think?


    1. Hi there willow! thanks for taking the time to read my post. Yes I too love Alain DB. He writes so clearly and takes complex subjects and makes them accessible to all, he makes me think without giving any answers, leaving it all up to the reader. Thanks again and hope to hear from you again, Hayley


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