Girls can’t drive garbage trucks!

Automated Side Loader garbage truck in Canberr...

As an eight year old I coveted a cowboy costume at the local toy store.  It was complete with fringed mock suede vest, chaps, gun and holster, hat and sheriff badge.

My Mum asked my brother and I what we wanted for Christmas and I put my order in for the cowboy outfit.  I could see her confused expression quickly turn to panic.  Though I didn’t understand then it’s now clear to me that my Mum thought the offending suit was not appropriate for little girls and I shouldn’t want . . . ahem . . . ‘boys’ things’.   A Small town in the early 80s wasn’t the best place for cultivating little girl’s imaginations or role-playing outside the norm. Playing mummy, housewife, or even teacher or nurse were ok.  Playing sheriff was not.

Last night Master 3 had wrapped a body pillow around himself proudly calling it a Santa sack full of presents.  He went up to a female visitor and I overheard him telling her that he had a garbage truck as a present for her.  She said that girls don’t drive garbage trucks and didn’t he have a dolly?

I nearly broke my neck in my hurry to get to the scene.  I quickly explained that girls could do anything and in fact his Mama, this Mama, loved garbage trucks and could drive one.  I went on to emphasise that there are no girls or boys toys – just toys.

How can I raise my boys to expect that women can do whatever they put their minds to when still some women can take us back so far?  How can I tell them that women are as important as men when society often only pretends it’s always so?  How can I do this when everywhere, including in my own home women unintentionally undermine women’s role in society? I will raise passionate, independent and responsible men who value independent and free-spirited women.  I will raise men who support women yet have no interest in controlling them.  They will know and appreciate what a strong woman is as best as I can teach them.

Girls can’t drive garbage trucks eh?  Well no-one told me.


3 thoughts on “Girls can’t drive garbage trucks!

  1. OMG I can’t believe women can’t drive garbage trucks – why didn’t someone tell me before I drove one. Sorry – laughing so hard here. Although I will say with honesty that I havent quite come to grips with the fact that they smell like ass! Ewww!!


  2. You are obviously doing a great job of teaching them that girls can do anything as Mr 3 told me this morning that he drives garbage trucks and so does his mum 🙂 Dad was not mentioned


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